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Shadow Tiger


What if the Dragon Warrior was only chosen during times of war? Meet Dai Nakamura a fifteen year old white Tiger Siberian and the youngest Dragon Warrior ever. Chosen at the outbreak of a war he's thrown into a conflict he can't hope to win, with all of China at stake, will he accept his destiny or run from it? Rated T+ for Violence.



I don’t want any trouble


Dai Nakamura a sixteen year old White Siberian Tiger walked into the Village in the Valley of Peace, it was night but there were still a few Villagers around, he walked into Mr. Pings Noodle shop and sat down at one of the tables keeping a hand on the Dual Dao swords on his hip. “I’ll just have a bowl of noodles.” he said to Mr. Ping when he approached.


When his order arrived Dai started to eat but a pack of Wolves arrived and knocked his bowl of soup off the table.

“Give us your money kid.” They demanded.

“I don’t have any; why don’t you rob the bank down the street.” Dai said.

A Wolf kicked the table knocking Dai off his chair Dai growled and stood up. Wolf threw a punch at Dai but he caught it in his hand, dug his claws into the wolf’s hand and flipped him over onto the table smashing it, one of the others charged at him, Dai grabbed him and tossed him back into the others.


Dai drew his swords growling, the Wolves drew their own weapons and charged at Dai, he caught one of their axes on his swords and kicked the Wolf back into the wall. The wolf fell to the floor and Dai turned to the others, taking a fighting stance.

The Wolves decided to turn and run rather than fight. “Yeah, you better run!” Dai yelled after them sheathing his swords.

“Impressive.” A voice said from above, Dai looked up and saw an orange and black tigress jump down from the roof top.

“Where you up there the whole time?” Dai asked.

“Nearly.” The tigress said.

“Why didn’t you help?” Dai asked her.

“You looked like you had everything under control.” The tigress replied.

Dai growled at her.

“Who are you?” She asked.

“I’m Dai Nakamura.” Dai said sheathing his swords

“I’m Tigress.” the orange and black tigress said.

“Well Tigress, it was nice to meet you but I’ve gotta go.” Dai said.

“Do you know where I can stay a night or two?” he asked.

“You don’t have Family in the Valley?” Tigress asked.

“No, I’m kinda on my own.” Dai said shifting uncomfortably in place.

“Why don’t you stay at the Jade Palace?” Tigress suggested “We have enough room.”

Staying at the Jade Palace sounded great to Dai but he bowed and said.

“Thanks for the offer Ti but I don’t think you want me at the Jade Palace, I’ll find my own place to stay for now I don’t plan on staying too long.”

Dai ended up sleeping against the wall outside the noodle shop when suddenly his eyes snapped open. He stood up looking around his blue eyes glowing in the darkness as he turned in place; two wolves came out of nowhere and attacked him.

Still drowsy the wolves quickly forced Dai against the wall one pinned him there while the other punched him repeatedly in the chest, they continued beating him up until Dai drew one of his Kunai Daggers and stabbed of the Wolves, the remaining wolf ran off leaving Dai on the ground coughing and hacking up blood.

It was sheer luck that Tigress had come down to the Village to check on him and found him on the ground. 

“Are you okay?” she asked helping him up off the ground.

“I’ve had worse.” Dai said coughing and wiping the blood off his mouth.

“Does your offer to stay at the Palace still stand?” he asked.

“Of course it does.” Tigress said and helped Dai walk up the stairs.

“This is just ridiculous, why are there so many steps?” Dai commented as they climbed.

“Master Shifu!” Tigress called out when they reached the top, a small red Panda appeared.

“What’s going on? Who’s this?” he asked eyeing the white tiger leaning on Tigress.

“His name is Dai Nakamura.” Tigress answered.  “He was attacked by wolves in the village, I offered to let him stay here while heals.” Tigress added.

“Hi.” Dai managed to say between breaths, waving.

Master Shifu looked between the two tigers. “Very well he can stay but only until he heals, then I want him gone.”

Tigress gave what resembled a smile and took Dai to a room in the Barracks.

“It’s okay I think I can manage from here.” Dai said at the door.

 Dai fell asleep quickly despite being in a strange place and slept late it was around midday before he finally woke up.

He got up and noticed the new cloths sitting nearby a black shirt and a pair of grey pants he picked them up gratefully, his current clothing was worn and had tears in it. Dai quickly changed into the new pants and shirt, just as he slung his swords over his back there was a knock on his door.

“Come in.” Dai said and Master Shifu entered his room.

“Master Shifu!” Dai exclaimed jumping to his feet.

“How are you settling in?” Master Shifu asked.

“Fine I guess.” Dai said.

“Don’t plan on remaining here too long.” Master Shifu said.

“Once you’re injuries have healed I expect to be on your way.”

“Yes sir.” Dai said trying to be polite.

“You may join us in the Training Hall if you wish.” The red Panda said leaving.

Once Master Shifu had left Dai let out a quiet growl he didn’t like Shifu already.

His last Master; Master Li had been more like a father figure to him. Dai decided to check out the Training Hall anyway; as long as Shifu didn’t make him fight he should be fine.


Dai walked into the Training Hall and looked at all the obstacles.

“So you’ve decided to join us.” Master Shifu said.

“Yeah well, I’ve got nothing else to do and besides this might be fun to watch.” Dai said watching Tigress and Shifu’s ear twitched.

“Since you’re here, why don’t you show us what you can do?” Master Shifu said.

“Wait, you want me to do all that?” Dai asked and then suddenly changed his attitude.

“Okay.” He said shrugging and got ready to run the course, Master Shifu snapped his fingers and Dai took off he fought his way through the obstacles dodging the Seven clubs of Instant Oblivion and balanced of the Jade Tortoise of Wisdom, jumped down and fought his way through the Gauntlet of Wooden Warriors, taking a few hits.

The Fiery Field of Death proved more difficult Dai avoided the flames until one caught his arm on fire, Tigress attempted to help him Shifu stopped her.

Dai quickly put the flame out and jumped out of the flames and went back over to Master Shifu.

“How’d I do?” he asked a little out of breath, Shifu’s ear twitched and Dai took it as a sign he’d done something right that irritated him somehow.

Dai remained in the Training Hall to watch Tigress train. It was amazing how gracefully she moved from one obstacle to another. Tigress caught Dai watching her and blushed under her orange fur she had never seen another tiger before much less a white tiger, from what she knew they were supposed to be really rare.

From the look of him Dai must have grown up in the northern region of China, there was an accent in his voice she couldn’t place too his last name sounded Japanese though, Tigress frowned she’d ask him after training.


Dai left the Training Hall a few minutes later and went back down to the village he bought an apple from the apple cart and wondered through the village eating it.

Eventually he made his way back up to the Palace and to his temporary room. A minute later Tigress came to see him.

“Oh, hey Tigress.” Dai said opening the door.

“I wanted to talk to you.” Tigress said.

Oh?  About what?” Dai asked.

“Who are you?” She asked.


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Destiny3000 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Nice story!

Don't forget to submit to :iconkung-fu-legacy: Kung-Fu-Legacy if you want to that is!
Avatardragontrainer Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I'm glad you liked it so far, a new chapter should be coming soon. A short preview of The Jade and the Shadow will be out shortly as well.
SnakeTeeth12 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow! It sounds interesting so far :D

The main idea is great! I never thought how it'd be if such a thing happened D:
The story looks nice, but if were you...well, things in the story happened Too fast o-o . Try to describe stuff a little more, like the characters and the places where Dai is going :) , then it'll turn out awesome!

Can't wait to see Liu showing up as well :la: !
Avatardragontrainer Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah I know, I'm working on it. The next chapter should be better, it'll be awhile though DA's upload system is a bit confusing for me
SnakeTeeth12 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I didn't say it wasn't good ;D . It's good already, these are just tips!

Oh, and if need help or any doubt about dA's upload system, just send me a note, I may be able to help you :)
Can't wait for next chapter :3
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