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Young Kiera by Avatardragontrainer Young Kiera :iconavatardragontrainer:Avatardragontrainer 2 0 Kya's armor by Avatardragontrainer Kya's armor :iconavatardragontrainer:Avatardragontrainer 2 0 Kiera's half sister Kya by Avatardragontrainer Kiera's half sister Kya :iconavatardragontrainer:Avatardragontrainer 3 0 Nightstorm RTTE by Avatardragontrainer Nightstorm RTTE :iconavatardragontrainer:Avatardragontrainer 3 0 My Elder Scrolls Online Character by Avatardragontrainer My Elder Scrolls Online Character :iconavatardragontrainer:Avatardragontrainer 0 0 Liu 'The Jade' Zhang by Avatardragontrainer Liu 'The Jade' Zhang :iconavatardragontrainer:Avatardragontrainer 7 8 Lupa Takimuro by Avatardragontrainer Lupa Takimuro :iconavatardragontrainer:Avatardragontrainer 2 0 Dega Takimuro by Avatardragontrainer Dega Takimuro :iconavatardragontrainer:Avatardragontrainer 2 0
I don't own DreamWorks or Kung Fu Panda
In the distance, Dai could see the lights from Gong-men city, they were getting closer to the City.
"Come on Liu; we're almost there," Dai said.
As they approached the gates, Dai pulled his hood up, covering his face, so they blended in with a group of refugees better entering the city from other cities around China.
"Look at all these people," Liu said looking at the people around them.
"Refugees from the war," Dai said to her
Once they got into the city, Dai lowered his hood.
"Wow!" Liu said looking around as they walked through the streets.
"Just stay close to me," Dai said. "It's easy to get lost here."
They passed merchants trying to sell their wares and stopped when Liu went over to a stall seeing weapons.
"Look at this!" Liu said looking at the daggers, picking up a Jade Dagger. "How much?"
"About fifty Yuan," the stall owner said, Dai walked up next to Liu at that moment.
"Dragon Warrior," He said in shock, bowing, seeing Dai.
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Fleeing the Valley
Fleeing the Valley
Dai, Tigress, and Liu sat around a small campfire just outside the Valley of Peace. Liu had her head resting on Dai’s shoulder, asleep.
Dai was quietly humming a song.
“What are you humming?” Tigress asked breaking the silence.
“Nothing, I’ll stop,” Dai said ceasing his humming.
“No, I like it,” Tigress said smiling a little.
“It’s a lullaby my Mom used to sing to me when I was little,”
“It's nice I…” Tigress was interrupted as an ax landed in the fire, throwing sparks and flames into the air.
“Ambush!” Dai yelled, drawing his sword, startling Liu, waking her up.
Soldiers rushed their camp, Dai quickly cut down the first couple, but more appeared from the trees armed with powerful longbows.
“Go, Run!” He shouted to Tigress and Liu. “I’ll catch up!”
Dai pulled a log from the fire and hurled it at a soldier, hitting him in the head, knock
:iconavatardragontrainer:Avatardragontrainer 1 0
The Storm
The Storm
I don’t own Kung Fu Panda.
“Do you have feelings for my daughter?” Master Shifu asked bluntly
"Well, I like her, I think she's a great fighter, but..."
There was a long pause before Dai spoke again.
"Yes, I do," He said
"Listen, I would have been all too happy to stay in that bar, drinking Sake. But I decided to come back, not because I'm the Dragon Warrior, or because it's my destiny, I came back, for Tigress. I don’t want to see her get hurt, because I screwed up,” Tigress heard Dai say to Master Shifu.
Tigress’s breath caught in her chest.
“I see,” Master Shifu said. “I want to two of you to go down to the Village and keep an eye out for Tai Lung. If you see him do not engage him.”
“Yes, Master,” Dai said.
A short while later, he and Tigress headed to the Village and scouted around for Tai Lung.
“This place is creepy when it’s empty,” Dai said as they roamed the empty streets.
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Dragon Warrior
Dragon Warrior
I do not own Kung Fu Panda
-A few days later, just outside the Valley-
After a few days of playing with the staff weapons, and nearly blowing himself up, Dai had managed to figure them out, they now hung from his right hip as he walked down the road towards a bar. Dai walked up to the entrance, pausing before he entered and walked up to the counter taking a seat at the bar.
"A bottle of Sake please." He said sitting at the bar.
"Aren't you a bit young to be in here?" The bartender asked eyeing Dai.
"Just give it to me," Dai said placing some coins on the bar, placing a hand on his new staffs.
Luckily, it was pretty empty, there weren't any other people in the bar.
"Whatever you say." The Bartender said placing a bottle of Sake on the bar in front of Dai.
"You can leave the bottle," Dai said to the bartender.
"Rough day?" He asked.
"You have no idea," Dai said taking a drink.
About halfway through the bottle, Dai saw a hooded figure enter the bar; he lowered the hood reve
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The Apprentice
The Apprentice
A week later, Dai was still in the Village, having changed his mind about leaving. He’d even managed to purchase a small apartment, how he could afford it Tigress didn’t know, she wasn’t she wanted to know either.
Going down to the Village during a lunch break one day she saw the white tiger in question out for a run.
“Hey Ti,” He said spotting her, running over, slightly out of breath.
“Hello Dai,” Tigress greeted him, noticing he was shirtless, something the male tiger didn’t do very often. Her eyes travel over Dai’s body, she saw how physically fit he was, he wasn’t overly fit or muscle bound like some males she’d seen, his stomach and abs were both flat.
“Nice day for a run,” He said snapping Tigress out of her gaze.
“Yeah,” She said, quickly turning her head away, making Dai chuckle.
“No training today?” He asked.
“No, I’m on a lunch break,
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Liu Zhang's short Adventures
The Plan:
Write a series of random short stories featuring Liu 'The Jade' Zhang; each will be at least 2000 words long and see Liu Zhang facing different challenges from a date with Tuggsy to being kidnapped and taken half-way across China.
The first three:
Liu Zhang is missing! Liu disappears during what should have been a routine mission, no one knows where she is, or what happened to her. She’s on her own, it’s up to her to escape.
Liu is accused of murder, no one believes she’s innocent, not even her mother, Tigress. Out of options, she flees the Valley to try and clear her name while being pursued by the Furious Five.
Tuggsy finally gets up to courage to ask Liu out on a date, but she panics and rejects him, but after a talk with her Mother she c
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Watchful Gaze by Avatardragontrainer Watchful Gaze :iconavatardragontrainer:Avatardragontrainer 0 0
Race for Power
Race for Power
Ancient weapons of power are being unearthed across the globe sparking a race between the United States, China, Japan, and Russia to acquire the weapons. The first nation to acquire all of them will have the power to rule the world. The story follows U.S. Agent Allison Nakamura as she travels around the world, racing against time to acquire the weapons before they can be used by the forces of Evil for World domination.
:iconavatardragontrainer:Avatardragontrainer 0 0


Hiccup and Toothless by srinathwildart Hiccup and Toothless :iconsrinathwildart:srinathwildart 5 0 The Art of War by 0laffson The Art of War :icon0laffson:0laffson 231 87 When the Cat's Away... (WIP Comic Page Panel) by TitusW When the Cat's Away... (WIP Comic Page Panel) :icontitusw:TitusW 120 30
Kung Fu Panda: The Adventures of Liu Zhang.
FULL TITLE: Kung Fu Panda: The Adventures of Liu Zhang - The Art Of Being Parallel.

It can be really thrilling and exiting when you are at the legendary Jade Palace in the training hall trying to improve your deadly skills in martial arts and gymnastics whilst trying to stay alive. It isn’t a joke when you literally have to keep an eye out for the Tiger Claws, the swinging hoops high above the swirled beams that twist whilst keeping your balance and sparring with an opponent.
Especially when one of them is the legendary Furious Five and Po, The Dragon Warrior!
It is now known as The Furious Six with me, Liu “The Jade” Zhang being the adopted daughter to Master Tigress.
I had been on the twirled beams, avoided Tiger Claws, The Jade Bowl of Wisdom, the Fire Pit, the Gator Gauntlet, and sparred a few times. This is really tiring, but it’s great to sit down afterwards to a delicious meal which tonight is my all-time favourite brought from my Zhang’s do
:icondestiny3500:Destiny3500 2 0
Snotlout and Hookfang by RaideDeviant Snotlout and Hookfang :iconraidedeviant:RaideDeviant 607 47 It's time to return home by Suzamuri It's time to return home :iconsuzamuri:Suzamuri 166 8 War Hero by TitusW War Hero :icontitusw:TitusW 149 24 Lizardfolk Cleric by Twokinds Lizardfolk Cleric :icontwokinds:Twokinds 1,075 70 Raine Pin-up by Twokinds Raine Pin-up :icontwokinds:Twokinds 1,114 41 Breed Swap by Twokinds Breed Swap :icontwokinds:Twokinds 1,445 86 Kiera Nakamura, the Samurai Tigress! by SnakeTeeth12 Kiera Nakamura, the Samurai Tigress! :iconsnaketeeth12:SnakeTeeth12 9 15 The Duel by 0laffson The Duel :icon0laffson:0laffson 409 122 Jackal Warrior by 0laffson Jackal Warrior :icon0laffson:0laffson 205 76 Silly Cat by TitusW Silly Cat :icontitusw:TitusW 192 25 Call to Arms by tatiilange Call to Arms :icontatiilange:tatiilange 273 6 Ahsoka Red Camo Poster by Master-Cyrus Ahsoka Red Camo Poster :iconmaster-cyrus:Master-Cyrus 1,242 121




Young Kiera
My main Oc Kiera when she was around thirteen or fourteen years old. No exposed stomach with this outfit because her father wouldn't allow her to wear something that revealing until she was a little older.
14 deviations
Kya's armor
Kya wearing her light armor consisting of a leather vest worn over a chain-mail (riveted mail to be specific) shirt with metal (iron) thigh and shin guards. She carries a more European style sword that I was unable to draw because I couldn't get the perspective correct
My new Wacom Intuos. I just got this set up and can't wait to start using it, I've already been practicing a little trying to get used to using the pen. It's very different than the pencil and paper I normally use to draw, But practice makes perfect.
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